Madison Wires offer products to improve the assembly process of ignition wire sets and the quality of the end product.



LPPM 12 - Easy evaporating lubricant (liquid), which is used to assemble boots on terminated cable. The lubricant solves a thin layer of the boot and the cable, gluing them together within 48 hours. It gives excellent protection against water and high voltage leaking. LPPM12 can be used with materials such as EPDM, EPS, CPE, and SILICONE. The lubricant is not recommended for PVC.

Safety Data Sheet LPPM 12


LPPM 35 BIO - A BIO Lubricant (liquid) to make the assembly of boots on terminated cable easier. LPPM35 BIO is less aggressive and thus can be used with all kind of materials such as EPDM, EPS, CPE, SILICONE, PVC and others.

Safety Data Sheet LPPM 35 BIO


GPM 22 - A special gel developed for the assembly of copper core sets. The gel is recommended for boots with resistors and terminals crimped on the copper core.

By adding some water, you can change the gel into a liquid for other uses. We would advice to shake the liquid before applying. Both the gel and the liquid can be used for all kind of insulation materials.

Safety Data Sheet GPM 22


We can supply pinnig wire to assembly wire wound ignition sets. Excelent material join core of the cable and terminal.